Why We Love Pink

Why We Love Pink

For most Kenai Trout anglers the thought of an even year (i.e. 2016) brings smiles, anticipation, and wonder. As a business we notice that these Septembers in particular fill faster. What is the draw?

The answer is the return of Pink salmon. These creatures show up on even years, spawn, and then die. The reason for a return on even years is after the salmon become smolt they immediately head for the ocean and only spend one year in the salt before making their way back up river to spawn. Whereas other salmon species typically spend 1-3 years in a river system before heading out to the ocean spending an additional 2-5 years feeding and growing.

We love them!

It’s true! When the Pinks return to the Kenai River they come with an army, 1million is not a huge return! How this relates to Rainbow Trout is a ton of food for them to get fat and happy. With the King Salmon returns being bleak, an additional food source is quite welcomed by Kenai River Trout.

Usually our biggest Rainbows come on Pink years, it seems the big Bo’s are willing to hang out longer in the river due to the extra easy food source. By early fall most Trout are already showing some signs of obesity. This fattening trend continues through the fall making for exceptional fishing.

The 2014 pink year was one for the ages! We were blessed with perfect fishing conditions throughout the entire fall. What lies in store for this year? We have no way of knowing. We can probably expect some close encounters with Rainbow Trout of epic proportions. When and where is another story.

If you have been thinking about fishing the Kenai River for Rainbow Trout, this year would be a good one. The window of awesome will start mid/late August and run into October. Plenty of time for greatness! Hope to see you out there!

****All photos on this blog post were taken during the fall of 2014.