Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

As we move past the tumultuous year of 2020 and into 2021 with optimism and enthusiasm, we would be remiss for not mentioning our utmost gratitude to our clients who despite the present condition of the world, came up and fished with us.

Fishing is one of those activities which compels rational-minded individuals to move mountains in order to experience a new river, species, adventure, or return to get another sip of the sweet nectar.

The fish and weather did not reflect what was going on in the world as we had one of the best 1st run king fishing on the Kasilof in years.  Kenai red salmon and 1st run silver salmon fished strong, and the fall trophy trout party was epic.  Overall we experienced wonderful weather all season.  Maybe it was Mother Nature’s award for those that put up with getting Covid tests, flight itineraries rerouted, and all the other joys of traveling during a pandemic.

Kasilof King Salmon

Kenai River Red Salmon

Kenai Rainbow Trout

Whatever your motivation for making the journey last summer, we simply can’t thank you enough, as we would be in a very different situation if it wasn’t for you!

We wish you all the very best moving into 2021

– Jeremy, Nick, Nigel