Alaska Fishing in October

October is the month for Rainbow Trout and Silver Salmon fishing on the Middle Kenai River. Although the light is starting to dwindle the fishing is still good.

Alaska Fishing in October

As October settles on the Kenai River Rainbow Trout are still stacking on the pounds in preparation for winter while Silver Salmon are continuously entering the river. Anglers thinking of fishing in Alaska in October need to have a different mindset than those visiting during the summer months.

Rainbow Trout fishing can get tricky, but patient anglers can reap huge benefits. Some of the biggest fish of the year are hooked in October. The decrease in light, cooling temperatures and winter storms bringing in wind, rain, and snow which can add volatility to consistent fishing. But, the Trout have to eat, and you’ll be ecstatic if you are there to witness it.

Silver Salmon are a great way to pass time between trout bites. The Silvers run large (10-15lbs or bigger) and have a ton of zip behind them. We love casting spinners or stripping flys, the aggressiveness shown by these fish is second to none.

fishing in alaska in october
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October on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

While the cool temperatures of October may discourage the faint of heart, they shouldn’t. The fishing is still spectacular.

The crowds of summer have subsided and you can often feel that you are the only person in the entire wilderness. The feeling of space is incredible.

Wet weather can commonly blow into the Kenai Peninsula from the North Pacific during October. Appropriate clothing is a necessity for anyone planning to spend time outdoors. With good preparations, inclement weather should present little trouble.

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