Alaska Fishing in August

As the Alaskan summer evolves in August, so too do the fishing opportunities…

Alaska Fishing in August

Early August marks the end of the second run of Red Salmon on the Kenai, and a slow down of that great end of July early August trophy Rainbow Trout peak. Not to worry, we typically see a pullback in productivity on the Kenai River for about a week (August 8th – August 15th). As the amount of Reds entering the river decreases we see a nice and steady increase of Silver Salmon, and by mid-August, we are consistently catching them.

Silvers are highly sought after due to their mild flavor and aggressive nature. It is not uncommon to witness a silver follow a lure and strike it at the side of the boat!

Rainbow Trout fishing enters peak time during the third week of August. King salmon are spawning and create an ample and easy supply of high protein eggs to fatten the large congregation of Rainbows that are staging below the beds. Red Salmon are also in early stages of their spawn cycle, the combination of these two species of salmon spawning opens a ton of sections of water. The possibilities are high to have an epic day on the water which sets the stage for terrific fishing in September!

The story remains the same for terrific halibut and flyout salmon fishing as well. Fishing in Alaska in August will offer anglers an experience you will not soon forget!

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August on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

August on the Kenai Peninsula is a showcase for what Alaska has to offer. The summer light has swollen the rivers and brought the forests to their ripest point of the year. Rich patches of wildflowers are interspersed with a variety of wild berries and greens. This, in turn, provides an ample harvest for all of Alaska’s wildlife. The Kenai Peninsula’s bears and moose, alike, are not only feeding their young but also storing energy for leaner winter months. Eagles enjoy a feast of spawned out salmon and the discarded portions of fish left by fishermen.

As August comes to an end, cooler temperatures return but the fishing continues.

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