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When you book with Drift Away Fishing you know you are hopping in the boat with some of the most experienced, motivated, & passionate Alaskan fishing guides on the water. Between Nick, Nigel, Jeremy, and a few select partner guides, your fishing experience will be nothing short of excellent.


There are always many laughs and stories to take home after fishing with us. As the owners and guides of Drift Away Fishing, our goal is for you to experience the best guided salmon or trout fishing trip while you’re in Alaska. Check out Drift Away’s Kenai Peninsula fishing package for the best customer service and fishing trip on the market!

Alaska Fishing Guide
Jeremy Anderson


Jeremy Anderson was born and raised in Winneconne, Wisconsin, and has spent most of his adult life in Alaska. He is a very experienced Alaska fishing guide. Jeremy has been fishing on the Kenai since 2002 and guiding since 2005. He traveled to Alaska with Nick for the first time working at the Russian River campground in 2002 and met Nigel shortly after. Jeremy’s wife Andrea manages reservations for Drift Away Fishing and they have two kids, Gavin & Tayla. Jeremy and Andrea also own Alaska Silvertip Lodge & Cabins in Soldotna, the primary lodging option for Alaska Drift Away Fishing.


Jeremy’s 3 favorite fishing trips are September trophy rainbow trout fishing, July red salmon fishing, and casting for silver salmon in the fall.. Enjoying the outdoors and pristine waters of the Kenai Peninsula is what keeps Jeremy moving during those long summer days. Since the age of 3 Jeremy has been on various waters throughout the midwest and Alaska and uses his experience on the Kenai and Kasilof to help hook clients into the best fishing possible for the day.


During the long Alaska winter Jeremy works as Director for Challenge Alaska Adaptive Ski School with Nick. Challenge Alaska teachs people with disabilites how to ski and snowboard to help them overcome barrieres in their lives. Jeremy loves to ski in the mountains whether at the resort or in the backcountry. Bottom line…. Lets have a good time.
Alaska Fishing Guide Jeremy Anderson
Alaska Fishing Guide Jeremy Anderson and family

Alaska Fishing Guide
Nicholas Ohlrich


Nick Ohlrich was born in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, where he became addicted to fishing at an early age. This addiction manifested into a lifestyle causing him to attend college at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point due to the great fishing and hunting opportunities in the area. This is where he met future business partner Jeremy Anderson. At the end of a long night at a local “think tank,” Nick and Jeremy decided that heading to Alaska to work at the famous Russian River Campground was a better choice for summer work than framing houses in Stevens Point. Little did they know this decision was the cornerstone to what would become a career for the rest of their adult lives. Shortly after making the journey to Cooper Landing, Nick and Jeremy met Nigel. With over a decade of commercial guiding under their belt, they are still excited for the next day of fishing and the adventure it will bring.


Spending the summer months on the Kenai Penninsula chasing trophy rainbow trout and salmon on the world-class waters of the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers is nothing short of a dream come true. Nick is truly thankful for being able to spend so many years learning the intricacies of these amazing fisheries and sharing that knowledge and passion with clients.


Nick stays busy in the winter working at Challenge Alaska as a ski tech and coach. The experience he has gained from a decade working with people with physical and mental disabilities blends seamlessly into guiding. Whether coaching a ski lesson at Challenge or putting someone on fish, the plan is the same – identify their learning style, exercise patience and simplicity for the task at hand, and most importantly, have fun!

Alaska Fishing Guide
Nigel Fox


Nigel Fox has been fishing since a young age, learning to row a drift boat on the rivers of Southern Oregon. He moved up to Alaska in eighth grade and continued his love for fishing in Alaska. Nigel has been guiding on the rivers of the Kenai Peninsula since 2000 and partnered with Jeremy and Nick since 2004.


In the wintertime you can find Nigel in Oregon fishing, bow hunting, and spending time with family. Since he guided his first trip, each year he learns more about the intricate world of catching trophy rainbow trout on the Kenai River. Nigel is an Alaska fishing guide with first-class experience and a friendly sense of humor, quality gear, and a savvy understanding of the river. He is excited to share his many years of experience with you.
Alaska Fishing Guide Nigel, with an Alaska Rainbow Trout
Alaska Fishing Guide Nigel Fox
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