Fishing Trip Preparations

What to Bring.

  • Rent a car for transportation.
  • Fishing license valid for each day of fishing and starting at 12am on 1st day of fishing (with King tab, if applicable)
  • Warm clothes, (layers, cotton not recommended)
  • Rain gear
  • Food for the day
  • Camera (optional)
  • Lightweight Waders (not required)
  • Any personal medications and health history
  • Trip Insurance* (optional)

    *We are not affiliated with this website but it is an example of an option

What We Provide.

  • Clean and comfortable 20’ power and drift boats
  • Professional teaching of fishing techniques
  • Top of the line rod and reel gear, (Fly-fish, spin, bait cast)
  • Water, coffee
  • Fish cleaning, (can arrange for shipping if necessary)
  • Hip boots, (for sockeye trips when needed)
  • USCG 6 Pac licensed guides.
  • USCG life jacket and safety equipment.

Packing for Alaska

The weather in Alaska varies throughout the summer months. There is a saying that holds true, “if you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes.” We can predict unpredictability.

In order to fully enjoy your fishing adventure, it is crucial that you pack well. When you pack for Alaska it is essential to have many layers of of clothing. Long underwear, long sleeve, fleece tops, poly pro and wool, and plenty of socks. Cotton is highly discouraged, as wool and synthetics tend to keep you warmer and dryer longer. Don’t forget your favorite pair of shorts as it can be in the 70’s as well.

Raingear is key in Alaska to keep you enjoying your day. Warm hats and gloves for May, September, and October. Ball caps for the warmer days in June, July, and August. Eye protection and sunglasses are essential when fishing in Alaska.

Things to Consider When Fishing With Us

Payment for trip
A 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Balance due 30 days prior to trip start date.

Cancellation fee of 15% of the total if you cancel more than 120 days prior to trip start date. No refund of deposit if you cancel 31 to 120 days prior to trip start date. No refund of total payment if you cancel 30 or less days from trip start date. We highly recommend trip insurance to protect your trip.  Our guests have had success with Travelex and Alliance in the past.

Hours in a Day
½ day fishing trips consist of 4 hours. Our 3/4 day trips are 6 hours. Our full day fishing trip is 8 hours. If the guide and guest fish longer, it is at the guide’s discretion.

The guide provides all of the fishing rods/reels, bait, tackle, boat, and safety equipment that is necessary for the trip. If someone wants to use a personal rod, just give us some heads up.

Style of fishing
Alaska’s Alaska Drift Away Fishing offers fly-fishing, spin fishing, and bait casting. However, for certain species of fishing, one style of fishing can be more effective than the other. If someone wants to fish a certain style, we will do our best to accommodate them. When king salmon fishing, we use bait-casting setups. The method of choice for trout fishing is fly-fishing & float fishing with spin rods. Red & silver salmon are caught using fly, spin, and bait cast gear.

Leave No Trace
Alaska’s Alaska Drift Away Fishing will not tolerate littering or leaving food, beverage, or scents out in the open. It is important for wildlife and environmental considerations that we pick up after ourselves and keep these lands pristine. Pack out what you pack in. We are extremely environmentally conscious.