Alaska Fishing Trips

with Alaska Drift Away Fishing

Creating custom Alaska Fishing Trips is a cornerstone of Alaska Drift Away Fishing. The owners are your guides, each has over 20 years of knowledge fishing the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. Their professionalism and expertise will deliver an experience you will not soon forget. Clean, specialized boats and top-of-the-line gear will stack the odds in your favor when it matters the most. Whether you want salmon, trout, or both we will have you on the bite.

Guided Alaska Fishing Trips

For Salmon & Rainbow Trout

Fishing for Salmon and Rainbow Trout in Alaska is the experience of a lifetime! No matter if you’re an experienced angler, a total beginner, or somewhere in between, guided Alaska fishing trips with Alaska Drift Away Fishing is the perfect way to experience Alaska’s fishing at its finest.

Whether your priority is hunting first-run king salmon on the Kasilof River, filling the freezer with red salmon, or fly fishing silvers & rainbow trout on the turquoise water of the Kenai River, we have you covered. We customize your trip according to the time of year and the species you want to target.

Create your Alaska Fishing Trip your way.  We offer 4, 6, and 8-hour fishing day trips as well as pre-made and customized combo fishing and lodging packages.

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Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

On the Kenai & Kasilof Rivers

Corked rods, screaming drags, and chrome, hard-charging fish only scratch the surface when you think about Alaska Salmon Fishing. Add in turquoise water, wildlife, and epic views, and you begin to form a picture of what salmon fishing on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers is like. It’s time to make that image a reality as it’s an experience you will yearn to repeat. With several species of salmon running all summer and into the fall you have options to create your Alaska Salmon Fishing trip of a lifetime.

King Salmon Fishing Alaska

King Salmon Fishing Alaska

Alaska King Salmon is the pinnacle of the salmon species and one of the premier big game fish on the planet. They are Kings for a reason, from the initial hook up these beasts are all power with unrelenting energy. You quickly realize you are not fighting a fish, instead engaged in an all out battle against a fierce opponent. Hooking them is an entirely different matter, while their fight is massive, their particularity is maddening. Their finicky nature makes just getting one to bite a victory, however, being lucky enough to experience the fight is well worth the effort.

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Alaska Red Salmon Fishing

Alaska Red Salmon Fishing

Whether flossing them from the bank or backtrolling from a boat these fish are WILD! Drags will scream, rods will bend, and your forearm will be tired as these fish explode out of the water, make massive runs, and literally swim circles around you. With an average run of a million fish, the Kenai River is the place to fill the freezer with Alaska Red Salmon. Known for their dark orange/red meat and rich flavor, you will have many people inviting themselves over for dinner.

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Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

Watching an Alaska Silver Salmon emerge from the turquoise water of the Kenai River and hit right at the boat will leave you with a lasting impression. Silver’s (aka Coho) are the prized salmon during the fall and offer a variety of techniques to catch them making it opportunistic for anglers of all abilities. Fly fishing, casting spinners, plugs or twitching a jig with a spinning rod, and backtrolling all get the job done. The mild taste and epic fight are some of the reasons these salmon are local’s favorite.

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Alaska Trout Fishing Trips

for Trophy Alaska Rainbow Trout

Alaska Trout Fishing is world-class. Millions of salmon returning to their rivers to spawn provide an incredible protein-packed food source prime for producing trophy rainbow trout. Boosting mega girths, catching native and wild bows’ in excess of 10lbs is common and why Alaska Rainbow Trout are second to none.

The Kenai River is home to the fattest trout in Alaska. This environment is ripe with easily accessible sources of food resulting in high concentrations of rainbow trout. This recipe of awesome continuously rewards anglers with encounters of truly massive pink-sided slabs. Convincing them to bite is one thing, holding on to them is another. Pound for pound nothing fights harder or smarter in the Kenai River than rainbow trout. Whether you prefer fly fishing or spin fishing we have the techniques, patterns, and locations to blow your mind.

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Alaska Fishing Packages

On the Kenai Peninsula

Our Alaska Fishing Packages allow you the flexibility to create your dream Alaska Fishing Trip. With our experience and your desire, we will turn your dream into reality. From river and ocean fishing, flightseeing, glacier viewing, and everything in between we guarantee you will not get bored. Along with an array of exciting activities, we also have in-house lodging with Silvertip Lodge and Cabins. Alaska Drift Away guide Jeremy and his wife Andrea own and operate Silvertip. The clean cabins come with full kitchen, bathrooms, wifi, bbq grill, and a fish processing room.

Alaska Salmon Fishing Package

Salmon Fishing Package

4 days of fishing, 5 nights of lodging will make your freezer at home a much happier place. With 3 species of salmon running in the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers throughout the summer and fall your options are good. A salmon run only needs a few days to fire up or cool down. Multiple days on the water targeting your salmon species will give you the upper hand when stacking these hard-fighting, delicious fish in your freezer.

Alaska Trout Fishing Package

Trout Fishing Package

4 days of fishing, 5 nights of lodging will set you up for success targeting trophy rainbow trout on the Kenai River. Having multiple days to hunt for trophy bows’ will allow you to immerse yourself into the environment, become fluid with our techniques and increase your exposure to hooking the trophy rainbow trout you came for. Bite fluctuations and weather patterns are always changing and with that, the behavior of trout, and more time on the water will increase your participation with big fish bites, leading to more doses of adrenaline and prolonged happiness. Repeat clientele is a common occurrence.

River and Ocean Fishing Package

River & Ocean Fishing Package

5 days of fishing, and 6 nights of lodging for the ultimate combo fishing experience. What’s better than fishing the Kenai and Kasilof rivers for salmon and trout? Add a few days to get on the ocean and load up on halibut. If you love eating fish and fishing, then this is the package for you. Enjoy 3 days of river fishing for salmon and rainbow trout and 2 days exploring the ocean for halibut. Fortunately for you, fish boxes are made in the 50lb size, you will probably need a few of them.

Custom Fishing Package

Custom Fishing Package

Your Alaska fishing trip your way. It’s time to turn your dream of fishing in Alaska a reality. We can set you up with lodging, fishing, fly-outs, and sightseeing. You choose how long you want to stay and what activities you want to do. We have been on the Kenai Peninsula for over 2 decades giving us the expertise to help you design your trip of a lifetime.

Kenai River Fishing

Turquoise glacial water, mountain vistas, vast forest expanses, wild salmon, native rainbow trout, and a bounty of wildlife, this is Kenai River fishing. Whether you are an expert or beginner angler, want salmon or rainbow trout, fly fish or spin fish, the Kenai River will exceed your expectations. June – October offer 3 species of salmon and trophy rainbow trout to fish for, the options of when and what to target are as epic as the fish swimming in the river. Let the experts at Alaska Drift Away Fishing help you design your ultimate Kenai River fishing trip.

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Salmon Fishing Kenai River

For Kenai River salmon fishing we target red (sockeye) and silver (coho). Since 2013, due to the continued decline of native run king salmon on the Kenai, we have stopped targeting them. While the kings are struggling the red and silver salmon are not, and offer incredible fishing June – October depending on your time frame and desire. Both species are delicious on the grill and offer a wild ride once hooked, it boils down to your preference, we are happy to help you get hooked up with the right salmon species and trip.

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Kenai River Trout Fishing

Kenai River Rainbow Trout Fishing

Wild, native, and absolutely beautiful, Kenai Rainbow trout are our favorite. Their focus on food and location changes throughout the summer season while their attitude once hooked does not, power combined with intelligence is what sets Kenai bows’ apart from anything that swims in the Kenai River. From June 11th – October fishing is good, while late July, and late August – September are peak times for Kenai River trout fishing. Peak dates fill fast as we have been creating Kenai trout addicts for over 20 years.

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Kenai River Map and Location

Kenai River Map & Location

Alaska’s iconic Kenai River is located on the Kenai Peninsula and runs west from Kenai Lake, finally joining the ocean near Soldotna.

The Meeting Point for our Kenai River Fishing Trips is at the Izaac Walton State Park. Please click the link below for details and directions.

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Kasilof River Fishing

Non-motorized, drift boat only is one of the many perks of Kasilof River fishing. While the lack of motor noise sets a relaxed tone for the day, the exciting fishing will keep the adrenaline pumping. The major draw to the Kasilof River is the 1st run of king salmon that begin entering the river mid May. Red salmon begin running in fishable numbers towards the end of June and offer anglers access to fresh salmon when the Kenai is between its red runs.

Kasilof King Salmon Fishing

Kasilof River King Salmon Fishing

1st run Kasilof River king salmon fishing is one of our favorites. The beautiful scenery and wildlife viewing along the Kasilof River will lull you into a tranquil daze until your rod folds in half. What happens next is anything but tranquil. Complete chaos engulfs the boat as you do your best to hold on and keep up with the chrome freight train attached to your line. Experiencing the power of an Alaskan king salmon is well worth the effort of getting this finicky beast to bite.

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Kasilof River Red Salmon Fishing

Kasilof River Red Salmon Fishing

Late June Kasilof River Red Salmon fishing begins to fire up and offer anglers an opportunity to catch fresh salmon. This time of year is between red runs on the Kenai and during the bottom of the 1st king salmon run on the Kasilof River. The Upper Kasilof is where we like to target red salmon and is absolutely stunning, this stretch of river will give you a sample of what remote Alaska is like with a lack of housing and an abundance of nature. Just floating this section of river is worth the price of admission.

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Kasilof River Map and Location

Kasilof River Map & Location

Located south of the Kenai River the Kasilof is a smaller river and is drift boat only ensuring a peaceful, quiet experience.

The Meeting Point for our Kasilof River Fishing Trips is at the Kasilof River Recreation Area. Please click the link below for details and directions.

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Meet Your Alaska Fishing Guides

When you book with Alaska Drift Away Fishing you know you are hopping in the boat with some of the most experienced, motivated, & passionate Alaskan fishing guides on the water. Between Nick, Nigel, Jeremy, and a few select partner guides, your fishing experience will be nothing short of excellent.

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Alaska Fishing Season

The Alaska Fishing Season on the Kenai Peninsula runs from Mid-May through October. The Kenai and Kasilof Rivers receive 3 species of salmon and multiple runs during the Alaska Salmon Season. Trophy rainbow trout fishing on the Kenai River starts June 11 and fishes strong into October. Over four months of great fishing gives you plenty of options and opportunities to create the Alaskan fishing trip of your dreams. Be sure to book early as peak dates for salmon and rainbow trout fill fast.

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Alaska Fishing by Month

Each month in the Alaska fishing season offers different guided fishing trips as fish species and numbers ebb and flow in line with the changing seasons. Click below to find out more about each month of the fishing season in Alaska.


Experience the Alaska Fishing Trip of a Lifetime

Book one of our Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips today. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.