Alaska Trout Fishing

Of all the fishing opportunities in the great state of Alaska, trout fishing is one of the most rewarding and thrilling an angler will experience, by far. Alaska trout fishing is the best in the world due to the millions of salmon that return to its rivers each summer. Rainbow trout devour the eggs and carcasses from spawning salmon. This incredible food source allows Alaska rainbow trout to reach epic proportions.

Alaska Trout Fishing on the Kenai River

Rainbow trout in Alaska’s iconic Kenai River are beasts. Genetics, environment, and diet are the reason anglers from all over the world descend upon the Kenai River in hopes of tying into one of these fabled fish.

Battling a true Kenai River trophy rainbow trout will challenge the most experienced angler. Whether your passion is fly fishing or spin fishing we have the techniques and locations to set you up with the best Alaska trout fishing trip of a lifetime!

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Alaska Trout Fishing Trips

We offer 4, 6, and 8-hour trout fishing day trips as well as pre-made and customized combo fishing and lodging packages. So you get to experience Alaska trout fishing your way.

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Hunting trophy Kenai River rainbow trout is our passion and safely returning them back to the turquoise waters of the Kenai is our livelihood. We take great pride in properly handling and releasing these incredible fish while striving to capture a memorable photo for you to share. Allow us to show you the Alaskan rainbow trout fishing trip you have been dreaming of.

We provide top-of-the-line fly rods and reels. Matching the hatch is just as important here as it is anywhere else. We primarily present egg and flesh patterns drifted with an indicator. Certain times of the year we swing streamers, which is our favorite way to target trout. Kenai rainbow trout are incredibly picky. In order to keep our guests on big bows we always design and make our own patterns.

Alaska Trout Fishing Peak Dates

Alaska Drift Away Fishing has come up with peak dates for Alaska trout fishing based on our extensive experience. Weather, water conditions, and timing/quantity of returning salmon will have the final say during your visit. However, if you can book during the times listed below, the odds of success will be much greater.

KRT Calendar 2017

1st Peak

June 15th to June 25th

Mid-June offers anglers the first glimpse of how amazing Alaska trout fishing truly is. As trout finish up spawning in early June they move off spawn beds to the main channel feeding on old salmon carcasses. Arctic Terns and trout can be seen feasting on the balls of smolt (baby salmon) migrating out of the Kenai to begin their lifecycle in the ocean.

2nd Peak

July 15th to August 5th

We call this the “sneaky peak.” As the 2nd run of Kenai red salmon enters the river, anglers line the shoreline in hopes of filling the freezer. The filleted carcasses and egg skeins are thrown back into the river where hungry rainbow trout anxiously await the plentiful food source. Anglers can easily see some of the best trophy trout fishing of the season.

3rd Peak

August 25th to September 25th

Fall is the peak of trophy trout fishing on the Kenai River. Salmon are spawning and trout are right behind them gulping up their eggs to fatten up for the fast approaching winter. Having a shot at a rainbow trout over 10lbs is a very reasonable goal as we have close encounters with them almost daily, bringing them to the net is another story.

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Alaska Trout Fishing Techniques

Battling a true Kenai River trophy rainbow trout will challenge the most experienced angler. Whether your passion is fly fishing or spin fishing we have the techniques, gear, and locations to set you up with the most exciting and rewarding Alaska trout fishing trip possible!

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Fly Fishing

Our style of fly fishing requires floating line, small float (corkie), long leader 12’ and shot. We use a simple roll cast to get the fly upriver, where it sinks to the bottom and begins dead drifting downriver.

Float fishing for Alaska Rainbow Trout

Float Fishing

Float fishing requires a long spin rod reel set up for easier casting, and drift management. Braided and fluorocarbon line, a Drennen 6gr float, and shot make up the rest of the float set up.

Alaska Trout fishing on Power Boat

Powerboat Fishing

A powerboat allows us the opportunity to run up or downriver in search of different holes, trophy rainbow trout, or to get distance from other anglers. Along with the ease of switching locations, our powerboats have more room to move about and fish.

alaska driftboat fishing for rainbow trout

Drift Boat Fishing

Drift boat fishing on the Middle Kenai River is a little more slowly paced. Drifts are run with oars, while the motor is used to run back upriver to make another pass. Drift boat fishing is a more traditional way to fish a river and produces great days on the water.

Alaska Trout Fishing FAQs

Answers to the questions we most commonly get asked about Alaska Trout Fishing

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Where is the best trout fishing in Alaska?

The Kenai River is the best roadside fishery in the world and boosts rainbow trout with the largest girth. Western Alaska is also home to fantastic trout fishing, but is only accessible by plane or boat. The majority of anglers stay at remote fly in lodges.

Can you keep rainbow trout in Alaska?

The majority of rivers in Alaska are home to native Alaska rainbow trout where catch and release practices are strictly enforced. The lakes, however, usually allow retention of trout. Always check local regulations before attempting to keep any type of fish.

What is a good size rainbow trout?

That answer will depend upon the individual body of water. For instance, the Kenai River in Alaska averages rainbow trout between 18” – 22” with many exceeding 25”.

What is a trophy rainbow trout?

That answer will depend upon the individual body of water. For instance, on the world famous Kenai River, a rainbow trout is considered a trophy over 25”.

How do you attract rainbow trout?

Alaska Rainbow trout are sight feeders, each water system has its own food source. For example, rainbow trout in the Kenai River in Alaska primarily feed on salmon eggs and salmon flesh. They will also prey on smolt and insects.

What is the best bait for rainbow trout?

The key to catching Alaska rainbow trout is “matching the hatch”. For example, rainbow trout in the Kenai River in Alaska prefer egg and flesh patterns. Swinging streamers or dead drifting nymphs will also produce results.

What do you wear to trout fish in Alaska?

When trout fishing in Alaska you are going to want to have layers of clothing, rain gear, and ideally waterproof boots. Make sure to avoid cotton layers. Bring a backpack with extra layers in case you get wet or cold. When trout fishing it is also a great idea to have eye protection or sunglasses. Bring a winter hat and gloves for those cold spring or fall mornings.