September Trout! Big Game Hunting Time

September Trout! Big Game Hunting Time

The Quest

September is the time for fly fishing Trophy Rainbow Trout on the Kenai River. Ask anyone that knows the Kenai and other famed Alaska rivers, and you will get an unanimous answer “Kenai in September is it for big Bows.”

With winter slowly creeping up water levels are dropping, daylight begins to noticeably fade, and Kenai Trout go on a feeding rampage.   Several species of Salmon are now spawning creating an enormous amount of easily accessible food.  This equation creates high populations of Bows in site-specific areas.   Among the general populous live the fish that we all dream about.

September sunset on the Kenai River with a Trophy Rainbow Trout

Extracting the Fatty

The standard egg pattern set up is the means for most of September. However, with an abundance of food, and fishing pressure, Trout can afford to be picky. Having the right size and pattern per zone is crucial for success, and this may change by the day or hour. With proper selection also comes timing. We know the big ones are down there, but may not be feeding, or a flurry of anglers may have just gone through that zone causing the Trout to take a break. The key is being patient and watchful.

Paying attention to areas that hold big fish and hitting them when no one is there or after a while of that hole being untouched is one of the best ways to hook up with a beast.

We have been in plenty of situations where the big fish bite was on, and then 3 boats enter the drift, game over for big fish bite.  We have even been in an area where the bite turns on, we hit a big fish, next pass we don’t touch anything.  September is the best time for Trophy fish, but with the above mentioned it can be tricky.

Two anglers posing with a Trophy Kenai River Rainbow Trout

All in All

The Kenai River in September is absolutely gorgeous; fall is decorating the landscape in an array of color making a gorgeous backdrop for some truly exceptional fishing.  There is no wonder why our September peak dates fill up months in advance.  If you are an experienced angler or novice and want to take part in something special, stop thinking about it and book a trip now!  We can guarantee it is well worth the price of admission.