September 2016 Fishing Report: Kenai River

September 2016 Fishing Report: Kenai River

Rainbow Trout

Mother Nature kept us on our toes for the entire month. Two major factors contributed to a tough fishery; an intermittent pink salmon spawn, and a mid to late September glut above torpedo. The Pinks returned much like the Reds and Silvers, not many, but big. The lack of Pinks kept the trout moving during early September, by mid month solid patterns were forming, but not a ton of consistency. Mid to late September began to ramp up but quickly tapered off due to what we believe was a glut (too much food) above torpedo.

Below third hole held nice fish, but a ton of work was needed to extract them. We didn’t see many fish pushing through transition holes most of the fall keeping those normal sweet spots consistently inconsistent. We think the trout remained pretty spread out through the Kenai during September, keeping in line with the June thru August trend.

The best part of fishing the Kenai River in tough conditions is it’s still the Kenai and you run the risk of hooking the fish of a lifetime if you remain persistent.

Silver Salmon

September was one of the toughest 2nd run silver fisheries in a long time, once again the size of the the fish was nice, but no numbers.