September 1 – 30

September 1 – 30

Plain and simple, this was one of the best Septembers in several years for trophy Rainbow Trout on the Kenai River! Thank you Mother Nature for cooperating this year. It’s true, the main reasons for tougher fishing the past few Septembers was the high water, and blown out Kenai.

For the most part the planets aligned and stayed on course for the entire month, we had a few weird days, but it was easy to work through the changes and quickly get back on the big fish. For those of you that were lucky enough to be fishing when the formulas worked, what you saw was something magical, what the true potential of the Kenai River is all about. Even the few “off” days that appeared during the month did not suck. An off day this September was only hitting 2-10lb + fish in a day vs. 5 or more! I know, we are spoiled on the Kenai River.

It was such a banner month, that I don’t feel like words can describe what went down, so this month’s blog is going to be mostly pics of fat Kenai Bow’s.

The first set of pics are from the first 2 weeks, below are the last 2 weeks. Take a peak at the cfs chart; we started getting nervous during week 3 with rising water levels. As you can see it dropped off as fast as it came up, this was the time we saw some funky days. Thankfully the bite would only be a touch off for a day or two. Declining water temps with a quick rise or fall of water level (cfs) was the culprit.

Kenai River Below Skilak Lake Outlet CFS

Watching the fall unfold we were very optimistic about an epic flesh bite, unfortunately for us our beads dominated the flesh flies.  There’s no doubt that swinging flesh will get big fish, but every time we would put various flesh patterns out the bead would out catch big fish.  The proof was in the pudding.

As you can see this fall was one for the ages! Don’t worry next season will be here soon. If you have been thinking about booking a Trout trip on the Kenai for next year now is a great time to get peak dates locked in for the 2015 season!

July 12 – August 8ish is another great time to target big Kenai Trout (this time can rival the fall). This is a sleeper time with big results and options of filling the freezer with Red Salmon too!

For us at Alaska Drift Away Fishing this is our last post regarding the 2014 season. We had a great time and hopefully you did too! Stay posted, as we will continue to add new content to our blog during the off-season. Tight Lines!