Rainbow Trout on the Kenai

Rainbow Trout on the Kenai

This was one of the best June trout fisheries in the past few years! Thank you Mother Nature, pink, and silver salmon for contributing to such an awesome event!

The opener on June 11 – the end of June was consistently great fishing for this time of year. Who can complain when 22”- 24” fat, fall-sized rainbows were the average.  Almost every trip was interrupted by the shot of a big one (27” x 17”) and larger. Let’s face it; those are straight up fall dimensions in June!  We love chrome footballs!


Whether an angler is successful on the water or has a tough go of it one should always ask the question of why. Why was it good? Why was it bad? Why did I hook that “oh my God fish” here?

So here is the breakdown of why June was what it was. It begins with last fall. If you follow us on Facebook or read these blogs you have definitely seen the photos of last fall, and the awesomeness of that fishery. Last fall was perfect in terms of normal – low water levels. The Pink carcasses and eggs from the fall weren’t blown out of the river due to high water or flooding like the past few falls. A strong silver run throughout the winter also provided plenty of food for Trout.

The final kicker was a fairly stable June. Consistent weather coupled with a steady increase in CFS (water level) allowed food to not get washed out too fast, keeping quality fish in pockets of high concentration, eager to crush a swinging streamer.

For those of you that want to take advantage of catching hard charging trout on streamers…..June is the time!

Red Salmon

Kasilof River Red Salmon produced limits most days during June.  Fish and Game reported a near-record return and fear of over escapement.  This lead to the limit being raised from 3 to 6 Reds pretty early.  With the decline of King Salmon of the past few years, Red Salmon offer an exciting alternative to Kings and a great way to begin filling the freezer in June.  The Upper Kasilof is an absolutely stunning place to catch a fish.   We absolutely love this trip!

King Salmon

We target Kings on the Kasilof from late May till mid June. It was a pretty fun time out there this year! Each day rods folded and offered clients a chance to feel the power of an Alaskan King Salmon. Single hook and no bait still seems to deter anglers, but don’t be fooled, bait and one hook is all that is needed to have a great day on the water! Trust us! We are very excited for next June and the return of these remarkable fish!

Tying it together

All in all June was a good one! Three species, two rivers, and great fishing kept smiles on clients faces as well as ours! We recommend June as a great time for folks that want a diverse Alaskan experience without the major tourist population.