Non Stop Silvers

Non Stop Silvers

The best run of early Kenai River Silver Salmon in years showed no sign of slowing down until the last few days of August, even then we still found them, but it just took a little longer. Backtrolling sardine wrapped plugs seemed to be the most effective way to bring Silvers in, casting spinners, and fly fishing also produced results.

When is the best time for Silvers?

Great question.  August 10thish seems to be when the party gets started and lasts typically through the end of August (Remember that Salmon runs are very similar to a bell curve).   September is the same typically by the 10th the success level is pretty good.

Two happy Drift Away clients holding a limit of Kenai River Silver Salmon

Rainbow Trout

The second half of August started to warm up as the King Salmon began spawning. Above average water levels, and a small King return kept the guides of Drift Away constantly moving to stay on the Rainbow Trout, however, some great fish were caught. Between the big fish a steady supply of 20”– 24” Trout kept guest smiling. It seems that the mid range Rainbow Trout fight sooooo hard, often we think that a 10lb rainbow is on until it jumps. These are some of our favorite fish due to their tenacity!