The Kenai River Double Dip

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The Kenai River Double Dip

The end of August and September host great silver salmon and trophy trout fishing with the ability to have great fishing for both species in one day!  We call this the Kenai double dip.  Which time is better?  This is hard to say each have pros and cons.  August offers better and warmer weather on average, but the limit of silvers is 2.  September allows anglers to keep 3, but the likelihood of cooler temps and rain is not best suited for everyone.

Three happy Alaska Drift Away Fishing clients holding their Alaska Silver Salmon they caught Fly fishing.

The trout fishery during these times in much the same.  The end of August is the beginning of the fall trout bite while the end of September is when the trout bite begins to slow.  Kenai bows reach legendary sizes because they feed on the eggs and flesh from spawning and dying salmon.  That being said the productivity and longevity of the fall fishery depends mostly on when the salmon spawn and how many salmon are spawning.  

A successful guided rainbow trout fishing trip in September in Alaska.

Besides having great success at two world-class species the variation of techniques will keep any angler challenged.  An average day of silver fishing can allow anglers to throw spinners, twitch jigs, back troll, and fly fish.  This myriad of tactics keeps all the bases covered for the finicky temperament of silver salmon.  

For rainbows we use a fly rod or long float rod with a spin reel.  Both disciplines achieve the same result, a dead drift presenting an egg or flesh pattern.  Folks that are looking to try fly fishing but come from a traditional background will enjoy the ease and fairly quick positive reinforcement of catching trout.  Fly fishing for silvers is not the easiest as anglers have to punch 50′ casts with 9# rods for optimum results.  Kenai silvers on the fly will test the skills of the best fly anglers out there.

An example of what you can catch when you come to Alaska for Fly Fishing Salmon

The Best of Both Worlds

Silvers are low light biters, morning and late afternoon are the two best times for great action.  We always start our full day trips in the morning to allow us the first bite and the rest of the day to hunt for a limit if the fishing is slow.  When the bite is on limits can happen fairly fast allowing us to switch gears and set up for the morning trout bite.

Alaska trout fishing package

This is the scenario we love,  a fish box full of chrome bright silvers in the first couple hours puts anglers in a perfect position to receive instruction and practice the drift required to hook trout while waiting for the morning bite to ramp up.  We usually see the morning trout bite begin somewhere between 7-9am and slow down 11-12ish.  The mid-day ho-hum is a daily dead spot for trout activity and a great time to eat lunch and fillet fish.  The bite slowly picks up after and gives us some action as we hit a few holes on the way back to the boat launch.

This time frame does fill up fast.  Peak silver fishing coupled with strong trout action is a favorite for anglers looking to have a chance at an amazing double dip.  We still have some spots open for the 2019 season.  If this is a time frame that you are interested in, don’t hesitate and contact us A.S.A.P