Kings vs. Reds And why we restructured our trips

Kings vs. Reds And why we restructured our trips


There is no denying it we are definitely seeing a decline in our King salmon fisheries on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. Many theories and debates as to why are in circulation, but no one really knows for sure.

Both rivers have seen regulation changes regarding Kings ranging from full closures, single hook artificial only, and catch and release. Its obvious the powers that be are trying different ideas to preserve the run while keeping the sport and commercial interests happy.

Three years ago we decided due to the lack of return and constantly changing regulations we were going to start switching our focus away from Kings to Red salmon and Trout. One important point to note is we do fish 1st run hatchery Kings on the Kasilof from Memorial weekend thru mid June.

We were definitely nervous as to how this would change would translate into bookings, especially with repeat clients that have fished Kings with us for years. We did lose some business, but what we found was most folks enjoyed Reds because there was more action and more meat for the freezer. We also learned most folks wanted to fish for Kings because they heard that’s what you fish for in Alaska without completely realizing how difficul they are to catch, until 6 hours into a trip with no action yet.

Now, three years later, Drift Away is looking at a booming calendar with folks stoked on Reds and Trout! We are excited about the change, but most importantly we feel good about going out and utilizing the resource vs. knowingly taking advantage of a troubled run.

Here’s a quick break down of our new Red salmon schedule: Mid June thru early July anglers can expect to be on the Kasilof, this is a Salmon only mission, but guests can fish Trout on the Kenai another day as part of a package and the Trout fishing is quite good this time of year. Mid July thru early August we will be on the Kenai this is the trip where switching for Trout to Reds and back again is no problem and much fun.

Well, there you have it, the 411 as to why when you call us for Kings and we try to sell you on Reds. Whether you decide to fish the Kasilof in June or the Kenai in July be prepared for a unique and unforgettable experience.