King Salmon Fishing Report: June 1 -15th

King Salmon Fishing Report: June 1 -15th

King Salmon

The regulation change on the Kasilof for this year’s first run of King Salmon discouraged many, and the perceived outlook looked bleak. It showed, the put in and takeout parking lots had a fraction of trucks and trailers, while the normal congestion on the river was absent.

Single hook artificial only, and anglers were allowed to retain only one hatchery King per day. This new regulation alone kept many guides and anglers away from the Kasilof not to mention the past years staggering returns.

Thank God for the pessimistic folks! What unfolded was a river void of boats and full of King Salmon! The return so far was one of the best in years! Hooking several Kings a day was commonplace, and maybe 20 boats a day went down the river. Who needs bait?

Many Kings hooked were Natural Kings so they had to be released. Most of our clients were very excited to experience the thrill of hooking and landing an Alaskan King Salmon, and just as excited to release the fish knowing that it was going to go and spawn.

For us at Alaska Drift Away Fishing this was a welcome change, and we hope that this long overdue regulation stays. Hopefully through conservative conservation practices anglers will be able to enjoy hunting for King Salmon and allow the resource to sustain itself for many years to come.

Angler realsing Native King Salmon on Kasilof River, Alaska

Kenai River Rainbow Trout

As always the opener for Kenai Trout is on June 11. This year we have been dealt the low and cold water card, making for some tougher Trout fishing. Not to worry we have been finding some very nice hard charging Rainbow Trout. As we speak the water temps and levels are on the rise. This coming week is looking like it is going to be a good one! As always June is one of our favorite times to catch Kenai Bo’s as there are many techniques and presentations to catch these amazing fish. Feeling a Trout smack a swinging streamer is well worth the price of admission!

Guide holding 22" Kenai River Trout with happy client in June