Kenai River Rainbow Trout and Silver Salmon: August 1 – 15, 2013

Kenai River Rainbow Trout and Silver Salmon: August 1 – 15, 2013

In the beginning of the month we were still basking in the 80-degree untraditional Alaskan summer. Then….. the temps dropped and the rain started. The Kenai River in Alaska went through some dramatic changes during the first two weeks. For us it meant tracking down and staying on those Kenai River Rainbow Trout was a touch tricky, but we prevailed. Our hats off to the hard core fly fishing and float fishing clients that stayed focused and persistent!

What Happened? The Rainbow Trout Saga:

Here is a quick breakdown of the curve ball Mother Nature threw at us.  With all the warm sunny temps we received during May, June, and July the Kenai River began to rise due to the glacier melt, by early August we saw big water that showed no sign of cresting.  Once the heat subsided the clouds came in and brought rain with it, the Kenai kept rising.

Soooo with the increase of water levels the Kenai began changing structurally, eddies appeared or disappeared, seam lines moved, holding water became fast runs, etc. This caused the Rainbow Trout to move and keep moving. Also, the Red Salmon carcasses and deposition areas for these carcasses (aka trout food) washed down river, and washed out of dead holding water. Once again causing the Trout to move around to find food.

Now lets throw water temp into the mix. During the warm sunny time we were seeing surface temps on the Kenai River to hit 60, which is roughly 8-10 degrees warmer than normal. 2 degrees is kind of a big deal to our Kenai River Rainbow Trout. Enter the clouds and rain, and the river dropped back to it normal temps of 49 – 52 degrees.

Adding all of these factors together, you have a really exciting playing field! Good thing that Kenai Rainbows are smart because they stayed fat and awesome, just a little tougher to stay on.

Kenai River Silver Salmon

While the Rainbows were having an interesting time dealing with Mother Nature, the Silvers seemed to not mind. Actually, this was on of the best 1st Runs of Silvers in years! Epic Disney Land Unicorn fishing is the best way to describe it.

From the end of the first week through mid-month limits of Silvers came quick and easy. Back Trolling sardine wrapped Kwik Fish seemed to work best for us, we would see Kenai Silvers hit the plug as we were letting them out! Doubles were commonplace as well as landing 5 fish in the first pass! What a season!