June in Retrospect

June in Retrospect

From the Beginning

The 1st run Kasilof King Salmon fishing came out swinging in early June. Most days several Kings were boated, and always a few got away. The guides of Alaska Drift Away Fishing all thought that this was one of the better starts in the past few years, despite low predictions.

As we slid into the second week of June King Salmon were still making a steady push into the Kasilof. Guides and clients were happy with the results. One of the highlights of the first run was the lack of boats on the river. With the Kenai River only allowing catch and release for Kings many folks were wondering how that would affect the Kasilof in terms of additional pressure.

King salmon fishing on Alaska's Kenai & Kasilof Rivers.  This was on a guided fishing trip.

Mid June Rainbow Trout Opener

June 11 marks the opening of Rainbow Trout fishing on the Kenai River.  Out the gates the Trout fishing was great, probably one of the best Junes in years.  Alaska Drift Away Fishing was consistently catching well over 20 Rainbows a day and some days seeing 40+ fish!  On top of that the Kenai Rainbows were exceptionally fat, resembling fall size on many occasions.  Why more people are not taking advantage of an awesome experience and great fishery is a mystery to us.  It seems like the Rainbow Trout fight harder during this time, offering a thrill to the beginner to expert angler.

Rainbow Trout guided fishing in june on the Kenai River is some of the best trout fishing Alaska has to offer.

This is the End

It is typical that as June moves into the 3rd and 4th week the King Salmon fishing becomes spotty, however Alaska Drift Away Fishing was still seeing plenty of action.

Fish and Game shut the Kenai down to King Salmon fishing due to one of the lowest returns in years, as a result the Kasilof was limited to single hook artificial lure only.

Even with a curve ball thrown at us, we were still able to entice the elusive King Salmon into biting.

Kenai River Rainbow Trout

The end of June showed no signs of the Kenai River Trout fishing slowing down. The Rainbows remained active and fat. As mentioned above, this was one of the best Junes in years. As July approaches we are still enjoying great weather, hard charging Rainbows, and sharing experiences that last a lifetime!

Stay posted as Alaska Drift Away Fishing will be doing weekly reports for the rest of the 2013 fishing season!

This rainbow trout was caught on the middle kenai river as the trout move to their summer feeding grounds.  Alaska trout fishing with guide Jeremy from Alaska Drift Away Fishing.