July 11 – August 10th

July 11 – August 10th

Red Salmon

It was a banner month of fishing for Red Salmon! There were peaks and valleys, but the overall assessment was awesome. We did not receive a large run, however, they kept trickling in every day and provided action and limits most days till the 10th of August.

With our King Salmon experiencing a period of declining numbers Red Salmon are a great alternative. Actually after quizzing many of our repeat King clients we were pleasantly surprised that most of them would rather fish for Reds. There is more action, more catching, and on average you will walk away with more pounds of fish than a day of King fishing.

If July salmon is what you are thinking about for next year, book now! We are already filling up fast for the 2015 season!

Rainbow Trout

This time period is the new late August – September fishery! Not kidding, we have had many days during this time that will rival fall days! The secret is Red salmon, the increased fishing for reds due to lack there of Kings is providing a great food source for Trout. The past few years have been amazing Trout fishing during this time. Fat, hard charging, big Trout are being hooked. Honestly we love this time more than the fall. Just like the fall, when the planets align with salmon and weather the trophy Trout fishing is off the hook. Especially for those of you that want to stock up on salmon and have fall quality Trout fishing, THIS IS THE TIME!

Try it we are certain you will love it!

King Salmon

The 2nd run of Kings on the Kasilof was a tough one. Low return coupled with emergency opener after opener led to inconsistent fishing. This was the fist super tough year in a long time.

Most of our King trips were switched to Red salmon, and our clients were extremely excited with the change.

The Kenai has been struggling for the past few years, while the Kasilof has held its own, except for this year. Local politics and fish counts need to start working together sooner than later to seriously address this problem. The current situation is dire, and unfortunately show no signs of changing till the fish counts really get run into the ground (more than they already are).