Fishing Report – June 15 – July 10th

Fishing Report – June 15 – July 10th

Rainbow Trout

Despite low and cold water the Rainbow Trout fishing on the Middle Kenai was pretty good. As fishing always goes, some days were better than others. Plenty of hard charging chrome Trout came to the net, however we didn’t see very many fish over 25” till the early part of July. We feel that a large factor was the water level and temperature keeping most of the bigger fish in Skilak Lake.

Early July showed signs of big fish life and the Rainbows started to migrate down river.  Fish over 25” could be found in small sniper pockets that held ample amounts of food.  The Kenai Reds salmon showed up early and were entering the river in 10-15k spurts.  The anticipation of reds drew many eager anglers  to the river for freezer restocking, this new food supply was also greeted by Rainbows (it is custom to fillet your fish at the river, and throw the carcass back into the water).  Fat Rainbows could be found near areas that people were fishing for Reds.

Guide holding nice 26" kenai river rainbow trout

King Salmon

Mid June through the third week was still fishing strong. Several fish a day where being hit. The last week of June was a bit on the tough side, but we were still able to convince a few to party with us.

Once July hit we found some very nice fat 2nd run fish. As always with this time of year the fishing was very inconsistent, some days we hit several and some days we only hit one.

Red Salmon

The Kasilof River was producing some great Red salmon action! An above average return of fish was a welcome surprise as we were able to find limits most times we targeted these fish.

On the Kenai, the second run showed up early and hearty!  12lb Sockeye were not uncommon!  Limits were also happening most days that we were hunting them.

A limit of 9 chrome Kenai River Red Salmon