Filling the freezer in June

Filling the freezer in June

Red Salmon on the Kasilof

Looking to get a start on filling the freezer in June? Kasilof River Red Salmon could very well be what you are looking for. Starting during the middle of June and continuing through July the Kasilof River is a sleeper fishery offering great opportunity at filling limits.

A drift boat is your mode of transportation as you float down the Kasilof to a gravel bar that is favorable to hooking Reds. We use 9wt fly rods (no need to worry if you have never fly fished). This simple technique involves swinging a fly through the water and hooking the fish in the mouth……I know this sounds weird. Most Sockeye that are hooked are “flossed” in the mouth due to the presentation and arrangement of the hook and weights. However, when you thread the needle, a guaranteed battle with ensue.

Limit of Red Salmon

Watch your knuckles……when the Reds take you to your backing several times it’s not hard for the handle to wack you on the knuckles. Lighting speed runs and several aerial displays per fish is the norm, usually your wore out before the fish is. Pound for pound Red Salmon are arguable the most fun salmon to catch.

Happy anglers holding limit of Kasilof Red Salmon

Among great fishing, the Kasilof offers a backcountry feel, combine that with drifting down the river, and you have an action packed day in a relaxing setting.  Wildlife abounds on the Kasilof, eagles, moose, water foul, and an occasional bear can be viewed daily.
If you are ready to get some meat in the freezer while enjoying hard fighting fish in a beautiful setting then put strong thought into spending a day or two on the Kasilof River.