Fall Fishing is our Favorite…

Fall Fishing is our Favorite…

The early Alaska Fall is a great time of year to come fishing. Come and see the real Alaska, the quiet, yet wild, Alaska without the tourist frenzy. On the Middle Kenai River in September you can enjoy the great fall colors, fewer people than in the peak summer months, and some of the BEST trophy rainbow trout and Silver Salmon fishing in the world. The day time temperatures average in the 50’s, but it gets cooler at night. The mornings are often filled with a majestic fog that adds to the anticipation of the upcoming hours of angling. In September, both the trout and salmon are bigger than any other time of the season! The trout are at their fattest because of all the food they have been gorging from the summer salmon runs. The second run silvers are a genetically larger fish that blow up when you hook them.

If you want to have a world class fishing experience, think about spending some time on the Middle Kenai for Silver Salmon or Rainbow Trout this September. Come relax with Alaska Drift Away Fishing!  Call or email our friendly and knowledgeable staff for questions about YOUR Alaska Trip.

This Kenai River rainbow trout was caught early in the morning while fly fishing in Alaska.

Kenai River Rainbow Trout 

Rainbow Trout fishing in September on the Middle Kenai River is by far your best chance to fish, hook, fight, and land big TROPHY fish.  The September is Super Bowl or the World Series of Rainbow Trout fishing.  Trout fanatics from around the globe journey to the Kenai to fish every fall. You can spin fish or fly fish for rainbows and your guide can teach you the techniques of dead drifting your fly or bead in no time at all.  The Kenai River offers trophy Rainbow Trout fishing all season, but September is by far the most productive time for quality fish that any angler can test their abilities with!