Early July on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers

Early July on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers

Kenai River Rainbow Trout Fishing

What a season so far! Early July has shown no signs of slow Trout fishing on the Kenai River. When most think that this is a horrible time to fish Trout, we at Alaska Drift Away get creative, and are continuing to find nice Rainbow Trout and 20+ fish days! One of the many perks is the lack of others fishing Trout during this time, so we have the river mostly to ourselves. Fly fishing and float fishing has been equally productive methods to the madness. If you like hard fighting fish on an amazing river, then get in on the action! Here is some eye candy from the past 13 days; this should make a believer out of you…..

Kasilof River King Salmon

So far the Kasilof 2nd run of King Salmon seems to be right on par. We are seeing some nice chrome fish entering the river despite the insanely high tides (23ft highs).

1-4 fish getting hooked a day has been the average.  Typically this time of year can be scratchy as we are still in the early part of the run, however this is also the time that some of the biggest Kings get hooked.  As we draw into the 3rd week, the mega tides are subsiding and we anticipate some good fishing.