August – Fast and Furious Rainbow Trout Action!

August – Fast and Furious Rainbow Trout Action!

Early August on the Kenai River in Alaska is almost identical to late July.  Trout are still feeding heavily on Red Salmon eggs and flesh, and still hanging out in the same zones.  High numbers of fired up Rainbows can still be expected as well as sharing the company of some Trophy Kenai Beasts.

One big difference between July and August Bows is the lack of diversity. Huh? August marks the beginning of bead warfare. Kenai Trout are fat, happy, and have the luxury to be selective about which food source they want.  Dead drifting egg patterns via fly stick or float rod is where it’s at. 

Kenai River Rainbows absolutely love salmon eggs; it’s their favorite!  These little round morsels pack a readily accessible amount of fat and protein.  It is possible to only fish egg patterns year round and have success.

Auugst Kenai River Trophy Rainbow Trout.  Guide and Happy client holding Trout

Middle August

Mid August is the time of the month when things get a touch tricky.  Rainbows are in transition; the Red Salmon run is a slow trickle while Kings are starting to move on spawning beds.  That being said much of the Red food source is scattered and diminishing while the next major food source, King eggs, are sparse and inconsistent.

Rainbows are moving between King beds and Red Salmon food catchment areas. Here one day, or one hour, and gone the next becomes par for the course. The key for success is staying focused, persistent, cover different water, and don’t get caught in the change up. (Getting caught in the change up = switching up patterns too often)

Don’t worry typically this transition phase doesn’t last long and soon the King Salmon will be spawning.

Fly fishing for Rainbow Trout on a power boat - Kenai River

End of August

Once the King Salmon move onto their beds and consistently begin spawning the Kenai River turns into a heavy metal Disney Land.  Rainbow Trout are hanging below Kings and having an egg eating party.   You can actually see these fish getting fatter by the day!  High numbers of fat, super charged Rainbow Trout are ready to put your skills to the challenge.  Much like early August this time of year will boost 100+ fish days!

 We find Trout hanging out in extremely fast water, middle of the river, anywhere there are active King beds.  It is unbelievable how fast of water you can find Bows hanging out in, but if the food source is there they don’t mind working a bit harder to put on the pounds.

August is an amazing time to experience Rainbow Trout on the Kenai River.  The days are still long and warm, fishing is great, and the tourist crowds are beginning to dwindle. 

Kenai River Trophy Rainbow Trout.  Guide and Happy Client holding fish