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Alaska Guided Salmon Fishing on the Kenai & Kasilof Rivers

Fishing for Alaska King Salmon, Red Salmon & Silver Salmon.

When folks think of salmon fishing in Alaska, they envision battling chrome wild salmon on a majestic river with mountains framing the backdrop. The guides of Alaska Drift Away Fishing are here to help make that vision come to life! The Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, located on the Kenai Peninsula, are the world-class waters we specialize in. These waters host 4 out of 5 species of salmon.
YOU, the angler, and YOUR trip is our top priority. Whether hunting 1st run king salmon on the Kasilof river, filling the freezer with red salmon, or fly fishing silvers on the turquoise water of the Kenai, we have you covered. Depending on the time of year and the salmon species you want to target we can customize your trip. Each month offers a different species of salmon and each species offer a different technique and experience. It is very important to book early and secure your time during the peak of the runs in order to put yourself in the best position to maximize the fishing potential.


Check out our fishing calendar to help give you a time frame for the peak season of your desired species. Not sure what you want to target? No problem we love talking about fishing, so give us a call.


Most guests create a custom fishing package including days on the river, halibut on the ocean, and fly out trips to experience remote Alaska. We work exclusively with one lodge owned by Jeremy (co-owner/guide of Drift Away) and his wife Andrea. This ensures your needs will be met for the entire length of your stay. See Package Page >


If you are not spending much time on the Kenai Peninsula but want to experience Alaska salmon fishing at its finest we offer day trips ranging from 4, 6, and 8 hours. See Day Trips >
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Kenai & Kasilof River Red Salmon Fishing

Alaska caught Red Salmon

June 25th – August 5th

July 15th – August 1st

Average Size:
7-12 lbs

Kenai River Silver Salmon Fishing

An Alaskan Silver Salmon caught on the Kenai River

August 10th – October 15th

August 15th – August 25th
September 15th – October 15th

Average Size:
10-14 lbs

Because of their strength and aggression, we believe
the Silver Salmon is one of the most rewarding fish to catch.

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Kasilof River King Salmon Fishing

Catch and Release Alaska King Salmon Fishing

May 20th – June 25th

June 5th – June 15th

Average Size:
10-20 lbs

Catching the worlds largest salmon is a once in a lifetime experience.

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