Fishing in Alaska in July

July sees the second run of King Salmon to Alaska, which is much larger than the first. Typically we see three times the number of fish that we do in the first run: between 50 – 80,000 fish.

Alaska Fishing in July

Fishing in Alaska in July is when the rivers swell with large runs of Red and King Salmon, but with that comes the peak of tourist season. Besides salmon, the Kenai River offers a sneaky peak time for Rainbow Trout that can rival the quality and quantity of peak fall trout fishing.


The continued low returns of Kings ( ~ 20,000 – 30,000 Kings on the Kenai) is keeping our focus on Red Salmon. Our reasoning helps keep King salmon in the river and enables them to spawn while our clients are having an action-packed day catching several Red Salmon. With this focus in mind, you’ll yield more poundage of fish for the freezer than a day spent hunting Kings. For us its a win/win for the resource and our clients!


Mid-July is when the second run of Red Salmon starts to appear on the Kenai River. This run of Reds can consist of more than one million fish. Typically we’ll be catching Reds that weigh in between nine and thirteen pounds on the Middle Kenai. These fish are a lot of fun to catch, as they are full of energy and offer a challenging fight.


Coincidentally, Rainbow Trout action on the Kenai begins to heat up during the middle of July and peaks late July into early August. The Rainbows are eagerly awaiting the easy supply of filleted salmon carcasses and egg skeins that salmon anglers are releasing back into the river. High concentrations of fat, power-packed trout offer anglers a glimpse of what trout fishing on the Kenai during peak conditions is all about. Anglers looking to keep salmon and hunt trophy Rainbows can have the best of both worlds during this time!


A great way to add diversity to peak salmon and trout fishing on the Kenai River in July is to head out on the salt water for Halibut or take a fly out fishing trip to a remote river for salmon.
Fish caught on the Kenai River, Alaska in July
Fishing on the Kenai River, Alaska in July
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July on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

The Alaskan summer peaks in July. Long days continue, with daytime temperatures reaching a very comfortable 80˚F (27˚C).


The forests have reached their fullest and the wildlife is making the best of the fat days of July. On the Kenai Peninsula, both black and brown bears are busy getting fish of their own in between snacking on local berries. Moose graze continuously on the abundance of greenery to nourish their newborn calves. Eagles on the prowl for fresh fish can be seen in nearly every corner of the Kenai Peninsula.


The Kenai Peninsula offers all of Alaska’s bounty.
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