Guided Alaska Fishing Trips for Salmon and Trout

With Alaska Drift Away Fishing Guides

Guided Alaska Fishing Trips for Salmon and Trout

With Alaska Drift Away Fishing Guides

Guided Alaska Fishing Trips

For Salmon & Rainbow Trout

Fishing for Salmon and Rainbow Trout in Alaska is the experience of a lifetime! No matter if you’re an experienced angler, a total beginner, or somewhere in between, guided Alaska fishing trips with Alaska Drift Away Fishing is the perfect way to experience Alaska’s fishing at its finest.

trout fishing

Trout Fishing

Battling a true Kenai River trophy rainbow trout will challenge the most experienced angler. Whether your passion is fly fishing or spin fishing we have the techniques and locations to set you up with the best Alaska trout fishing trip of a lifetime!

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Alaska Salmon Fishing Package

Salmon Fishing

YOU, the angler, and YOUR Alaska salmon fishing trip is our top priority. Whether hunting first-run king salmon on the Kasilof river, filling the freezer with red salmon, or fly fishing silvers on the turquoise water of the Kenai, we have you covered.

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How Much Does an Alaska Fishing Trip Cost?

The cost of your Alaska Fishing Trip will depend on what you choose to do. We have many different options for our guided fishing trips. You can book a half-day fishing trip for as low as $195 per person or choose a fishing package starting at $285 per person. You also have the option of paying per person or booking a private boat. From custom multi-day packages to 4 hours on the water we can deliver you a Kenai River experience that will last a lifetime.

day trips

Day Trips

From $195 per person.

We offer full day, 6hr, and 1/2 day trips. We provide all necessary gear for fishing, expert instruction, and deep knowledge about the river and its inhabitants. Your guides are the owners and have been fanatically guiding trout on the Kenai since 2005. Caution, many folks fishing a day with us have turned into longtime repeat clients. Your Kenai experience will leave you wanting more.



Make it custom or pre-made – starting at $285 per person (1 night / 1 half day)

Our Alaska Fishing Packages allow you the flexibility to create your dream Alaska Fishing Trip. We work closely with you to plan your dream Alaska fishing package. With our experience and your desire, we will turn your dream into reality. From river and ocean fishing, flightseeing, glacier viewing, and everything in between we guarantee you will not get bored.

Meet Your Alaska Fishing Guides

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alaska fishing seasons

Alaska Fishing Season

King Salmon5/206/256/5 - 6/15
Red Salmon6/258/57/15 - 8/1
Silver Salmon8/1010/158/15 - 8/25, 9/15 - 10/15
Rainbow Trout6/1110/166/15 - 6/25, 7/15 - 8/5, 8/25 - 9/25

The Alaska Fishing Season on the Kenai Peninsula runs from Mid-May through October. The Kenai and Kasilof Rivers receive 3 species of salmon and multiple runs during the Alaska Salmon Season. Trophy rainbow trout fishing on the Kenai River starts June 11 and fishes into October. Over four months of great fishing gives you plenty of options and opportunities to create the Alaskan fishing trip of your dreams. Be sure to book early as peak dates for salmon and rainbow trout fill fast.

Fishing Locations on the Kenai Peninsula

Turquoise glacial water, mountain vistas, vast forest expanses, wild salmon, native rainbow trout, and a bounty of wildlife, this is Kenai Peninsula fishing. Whether you are an expert or beginner angler, want salmon or rainbow trout, fly fish or spin fish, the Kenai & Kasilof Rivers will exceed your expectations. May – October offer 3 species of salmon and trophy rainbow trout to fish for, the options of when and what to target are as epic as the fish swimming in the river. Let the experts at Alaska Drift Away Fishing help you design your ultimate Kenai Peninsula fishing trip.

Alaska Fishing by Month

Each month in the Alaska fishing season offers different guided fishing trips as fish species and numbers ebb and flow in line with the changing seasons. Click below to find out more about each month of the fishing season in Alaska.

why choose us
why choose us




Where do you go to Fishing?
We fish the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, located 3 hours south of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. We also offer fly out fishing trips across cook inlet for salmon, grayling, trout, and bear viewing. Also we have halibut fishing options in the ocean out of Deep Creek and Homer!
How much does an Alaska Fishing Trip cost?
An Alaska fishing trip can cost as low as $195 for a single seat on a half day fishing trip to several thousand dollars for a week long fishing and lodging package. We offer everything and are totally custom!
What city in Alaska has the best fishing?
Soldotna and Sterling on the Kenai Peninsula have the best fishing accessible by vehicle and is located several hours south of Anchorage, Alaska's largest city.
What is the average cost of a fishing trip in Alaska?
On average plan on spending on average $200-600 dollars per day per person for fishing depending on the trip you are doing. You can pay per person or have private boat options. you can book a day trip or decide on a package for fishing and lodging.
Can tourists fish in Alaska?
Yes and we recommend you use a repuitable guide service if you are visiting. You will catch more fish and be in the game instantly! You can also fish on your own, however you will have much more success when you hire someone who knows the local waters.
What is the best time of the year to go Fishing in Alaska
The summer months are the best time of year to go fishing in Alaska. Each month from mid May to Mid October offers different peak seasons for each species of fish! Calling a service like Alaska Drift Away Fishing helps get you here when the fishing you want to do is peaking!
Biggest Fish you have caught?
We love rainbow trout fishing and they are some of the biggest in the world on the Kenai River. Trout in the 15lb plus range are seen each season with our company. For salmon fishing some of the larger fish we have caught are king salmon over 50lbs, silver salmon in the 16-18lb range, and sockeye salmon in the 12 plus pound range.
What is the weather like where you fish?
Weather on the Kenai Peninsula in the summer months varies depending on where you are. The Soldotna / Sterling area is a large flat next to the Kenai mountains. It typically is the nicest weather anywhere on the Kenai Peninsula or South Central Alaska, in the 55-70 degree range w/ less precipitation.
Any close calls while out in the wilderness or on the job?
When fishing with us we see wildlife quite often including moose, bear, eagles, birds, and sometimes a wolf or fox. We typically see them close by, but haven't had any close encounters with any wildlife that was dangerous. Now we are in Alaska and surprises can occur.
What is the best month to fish in Alaska?
Each month has it's peak time to fish for different species. You can catch salmon on the Kenai or Kasilof river from May to October. Our rainbow trout season for guiding is from June 11 to Oct 15th. Halibut is available from May to October on the ocean.
What is the most popular fish caught in Alaska?
Salmon are the most popular fish caught in Alaska. There are 5 different species of salmon that come throughout the spring, summer, and fall months annually. The Kenai Peninsula is some of the most accessible and productive waters in the state.
Non-Residents Costs and licenses required?
Non residents that are 16 and older must have a fishing license valid for each day they are fishing anywhere in Alaska. You can purchase a 1 day license, an annual license, or anything in between and the cost ranges from $15-$100. You will also need a King salmon stamp if you plan to target kings.
Resident Costs and licenses required?
Residents that are 18 and older must have a fishing license valid for each day they are fishing anywhere in Alaska. You can purchase a 1 day license, an annual license, or anything in between and the cost ranges from $15-$100. You will also need a King salmon stamp if you plan to target kings.
What is the best fishing trip in Alaska?
The best fishing trip in Alaska depends on what your goals. Rather then what is the best fishing trip in Alaska it may be more important to determine what you want to fish for and then talk with a professional to help guide you with when you should visit. It is a much better experience if you imerse yourself into multiple days of fishing rather then one day as you will see more rods bent with the more time you put in.
Can I fish in Alaska without a guide?
Yes you can DIY when fishing in Alaska without a guide. However, your odds of success will be night and day different if you choose to hire a fishing guide for your Alaska fishing trip.
Is 1 week enough in Alaska?
One week is the minimum time that I would spend in Alaska if I was taking a trip to the last frontier. It may be more appropriate to spend one week plus your travel days, so closer to 9-10 days total. If you only have one week then you need to decide where you are going and focus your energy around that particular area. If you are spending 2-3 weeks in Alaska then you can visit different parts of the state. It all depends on what your goals and timelines are. Once again, talking with someone that operates a business up here is key.
Is driving in Alaska difficult?
Driving in Alaska is relatively easy, especially if you are flying into Anchorage, where there are hundreds of miles of paved highway leading to different communities. Now there are places you can only get to by boat or plane but those are pretty mapped out as well!
How much does a week in Alaska cost?
The cost for a week in Alaska can vary depending on if you are on your own, if you book guided adventures, or if you set up an all inclusive package. By the time you add flights, rental car, lodging, food, and the cost of any trips or packages you do the price could range from $2,000.00-10,000.00. Working with someone like Alaska Drift Away Fishing or Silvertip Lodge and Cabins allows you to customize your trip to suit your needs and budget.
How many pounds of fish can you bring back from Alaska?
You can bring back as much fish as you can legally catch each day you fish. Most people end up vacuum sealing and freezing their fish. Then they pack the fish in a fish box which will last on average 30 hours before any fish in the box starts to thaw. The cost of putting the fish box under the airplane varies on baggage fee costs but is way more reasonable then shipping it overnight back home.
How many halibut can you catch per day in Alaska?
2 per person per day in Alaska. This year one any size and one 28 inches or less in South Central zones.
Are halibut hard to catch in Alaska?
Halibut is one of the easier fish in Alaska for anglers to catch providing the captain has good spots marked on their instruments.