Alaska Silver Salmon (Coho) Fishing

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Alaska silver salmon, also called coho, are an aggressive hard fighting fish known for their acrobatic displays, cartwheels, and blistering runs. Because of their strength and aggression, we believe silvers are one of the most rewarding fish to target. You can fly fish, spin fish, back troll, and twitch. The myriad of techniques available is suitable for any ability and will challenge even the most experienced anglers.


The 1st run of silver salmon on the Kenai River arrives in early August and peak towards the end of the month. These fish average in size from 9-12lbs with a daily limit of 2 per day. The 2nd run shows up in fishable numbers around the middle of September and stays productive through October averaging 10-15lbs with a limit 3 per day.


We target silvers from Bings Landing to Skilak Lake, this portion of the Kenai is known as the Middle River. The Middle River is a diverse section of water great for the multiple techniques we use, allowing us to avoid fishing around a ton of boats as we have 15 miles of water at our quick disposal. Our favorite area to fish on the Middle is in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, a 6 mile stretch of river where wilderness dominates and offers an amazing backdrop while you partake in world-class fishing.


If the fishing is hot and limits happen quickly you can switch gears and target native rainbow trout, we call this the Kenai Double Dip. The Kenai is one of the best native trophy trout fisheries in the world. Rainbows over 10lbs are not uncommon. Fall on the Kenai is THE TIME to target these incredible fish. For more info on Kenai rainbows visit our Rainbow Trout website.

Kenai & Kasilof River
Silver Salmon

Fishing Season:
August 10th to October 15th


August 15th to 25th,
Sept 15th to Oct 15th


Average Size:
10 – 14 lbs


2 per Day August / 3 per Day September & October

About Alaska
Silver Salmon

Alaska Silver Salmon caught on the Kenai River
Silver Salmon are bright silver with small black spots on their backs and on the upper part of their caudal fin. The average weight is 7-12 pounds. The flesh of the Coho salmon is light pink and has a very delicate flavor. A very difficult salmon to keep fresh because of it’s feeding habits. The flesh tends to soften very quickly unless dressed immediately after being caught.


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