Alaska Fishing Trips for Women


Alaska fishing for women is increasing in popularity as more and more adventuresome women try their hand at various types of fishing.

We don’t run specific trips for women as we believe all our guests should be treated as equals and that no distinction needs to be made, however we can assure any experienced or would-be fisherwomen out there, that we provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for you to fish or learn to fish and we actively encourage you to join us for an unforgettable guided fishing trip.

What better way to enjoy your fishing trip through Alaska ’s wilderness than with a close group of friends. Enjoy the relaxed environment of an all-woman guided salmon or rainbow trout fishing trip.

Mission Statement: To provide positive and supportive opportunities for groups of women to enjoy, relax, and learn fishing techniques on the Kasilof or Kenai River through a guided fishing trip adventure.

Goals for the program: Expose women to the exciting sport of rainbow trout or salmon fishing. Heighten awareness and education about the fragile and amazing Kenai and Kasilof River ecosystem. Create a fun, safe, and supportive environment focusing on teamwork and hands-on learning.

Womens Fishing Testimonials

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