Alaska Silver (Coho) Salmon Fishing

Alaska Silver Salmon

Kenai & Kasilof River Silver Salmon Fishing

Season: August 10th to October 15th

Peaks: 1st Run: August 15th to 25th, 2nd Run: Sept 15th to Oct 15th

Average Size: 7 - 14 lbs

Limit: 2 per Day August / 3 per Day September & October

Alaska Silver Salmon, also called Coho Salmon, are an aggressive, hard fighting fish that really put anglers to the test. They are known for their acrobatic displays, performing cartwheels and somersaults as they fight. Because of their strength and aggression we believe the Silver Salmon is one of the most rewarding fish to catch. We fish both the Kenai and the Kasilof rivers for Silver Salmon. You can fly fish or spin fish for Silver Salmon on the Kenai River while we bait for for Silver Salmon on the Kasilof.

Silver Salmon, on the Kenai Peninsula , arrive in early August and build through the end of the month. The first 6 miles of the Middle Kenai runs through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, while the lower Kenai is dotted with houses of Alaskans and is open to power boats. In all we cover more than fourteen miles of the Kenai River . The Kenai River offers many options for limiting out on silver salmon since it is such a big water system!

Silver salmon fishing on the Kasilof is an all together different experience. We leave the bustle and power boats of the Kenai, for the tranquil “drift-only” waters of the Kasilof. Silver Salmon on the Kasilof are unique! Because the Kasilof river is smaller... you get closer to the action as the fish jump right next to the boat!

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Alaska Silver Salmon Tales

"Great day - limited out on silvers plus a bonus sockeye!"
- Sam and Missy, Herman, MO.

"It started out a great day. It got even better when we caught our limit of Silver Salmon!"

- Jonathon Lee, Girdwood, AK.

About Alaska
Silver Salmon

Alaska Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon are bright silver with small black spots on their backs and on the upper part of their caudal fin. The average weight is 7-12 pounds. The flesh of the Coho salmon is light pink and has a very delicate flavor. A very difficult salmon to keep fresh because of it's feeding habits. The flesh tends to soften very quickly unless dressed immediately after being caught.

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