Alaska Red Salmon (Sockeye) Fishing

Alaska Red Salmon

Red Salmon are also known as Sockeye Salmon. They are a hard fighting fish, lots of fun to catch, and are highly sought after for their rich and tasty meat. In fact many people claim that they are best eating of all the pacific salmon species. There are two runs of Red Salmon in the Kenai River & one run of Red Salmon in the Kasilof River that we fish for. The first run will typically consist of between 30 and 60,000 fish, while the second and larger run is estimated to exceed 1 Million. The Kasilof red salmon run averages 300,000+ fish annually.

Usually we catch Red Salmon weighing between 7 to 12 lbs. The biggest Red Salmon in Alaska was caught on the Kenai in 1974 and weighed in at 16 pounds. Alaskans commonly fish for Sockeye using artificial flies and weights to bounce the line along the bottom. Fish must be hooked in the mouth to keep them, but with some instruction and a little practice, the technique is very successful.

Kenai & Kasilof River
Red Salmon

Fishing Season:
June 25th to August 5th

July 15th to August 1st

Average Size: 7 - 12 lbs

Limit: 3-6 per day

Alaska Red Salmon Fishing

About the Alaska Red Salmon.
( A.K.A. Sockeye Salmon )

Red salmon have dark blue-black backs, silvery sides and white bellies. The average size is 7-12 pounds and are 4-5 years of age. The Sockeye's flesh is ruby red in color and is the most sought after salmon in Alaska due to it's wonderful flavor and color. The Red Salmon is second only to the Pink salmon in total run size.

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Fishing for Red Salmon

Red Salmon are commonly caught using “coho” flies. The appropriate weight is placed a couple feet away and the fly bounces along the bottom and, with practice, into their mouth.

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