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Alaska King Salmon

Kenai River

King Salmon Fishing

The Kenai river is world famous for producing the largest King Salmon in the world. The current world record King was caught on the Kenai, weighing in at a whopping 97lbs. 4ozs! But with the hype of world records comes the crowds. Several hundred boats daily is not uncommon.

May 20th to June 25th

June 5th - June 15th

Average Size:
35 - 40lbs

1 per Day
2 per season

Kasilof River

King Salmon Fishing

The Kasilof may not produce a world record King like the Kenai, however, there are more of them. Also, the Kasilof is a drift only river making it quieter, with considerably less people, and no boat wakes.

May 20th - June 25th

June 5th - June 15th

Average Size:
12 - 40lbs

1 per Day
5 per season

The King Salmon, also known as the Chinook Salmon is one of Alaska's most prized game fish. With an average size of 35 - 40 lbs found on the Kenai River and a few caught reaching 75lbs or more each season it is little wonder that fishermen and women come from far and wide to try their hand at catching a monster King on the Kenai peninsula.

The Kenai River is by far the most popular King Salmon Fishing retreat with the current world record of 97lbs, but with the possibility of catching a monster King comes the crowds. A typical day on the lower Kenai consists of several hundred power boats hunting for Kings. If you want the chance of hooking into a world class King Salmon we can accommodate you with a professional guide on the Lower Kenai River.

If a quieter more relaxed King fishing adventure is what you are looking for, then consider a guided King Salmon fishing trip on the beautiful Kasilof river. The Kasilof is a drift-only river, so the noise and wakes of powerboats is never a problem the only sounds you will hear is an excited guide yelling "Fish On", a chattering eagle, or the peaceful sound of a drift boat gliding down river. The Kasilof also receives a generous amount of spawning King Salmon offering a higher chance of hooking up and landing Alaska 's prized game fish. 30-60lb King Salmon are not uncommon during the large 2nd run which is hot throughout the month of July. Along with great fishing, the Kasilof is a scenic river with opportunities to see Moose and many Bald eagles.

Fishing for King Salmon

While they are one of Alaska's most prized game fish, Kings are also one of the most elusive. Our guides have an intimate knowledge of the rivers we fish, and are very experienced with the most suitable methods of catching them so your chances of a successful catch are increased when you fish with us.


We use top of the line gear, however we know some fishermen and women have a favorite rod or piece of equipment. If you are considering bringing your own gear contact us so we can advise you on the suitability. The Lower Kenai is very big, fast water; the Kasilof River is not as demanding on gear. We drift both rivers but they each have their unique qualities.


We use several methods to attract the fish to our lines: cured salmon eggs, artificial lures and handmade flies. Steelhead Trout Steelhead trout are often caught while fishing for King Salmon. Steelhead are sea-run Rainbow Trout that live in the ocean and return to the river to spawn.


"Perfect weather, perfect fishing partners, perfect guides, perfect float and our limit caught throughout the week! Now that is a fisherman's dream. All taking place on the Kenai peninsula. Thanks! Can't wait to do it all over again. Including a 53lb King Salmon."

- Jerry Lehman and Len Van Beek, Lynden, WA.

"Jeremy provided a great experience fishing for Kings in Alaska. Even though the run was not at it's peak, we managed fish all three trips (days) with him. He is professional courteous and thoughtful in every way. Great guide, great eggs, great guy."

- Don, OR.

"Great day on the Kasilof.....brought in the big one - 40lb plus King!"

- Oliver, Houston, TX.

"The boys of Driftaway Fishing took me out on a great day. I have absolutely no idea how to fish for King Salmon but the Jeremy took care of everything. From Baiting the hook, Showing me how to cast and putting us in the right spot. But the most exciting thing was catching a mighty Alaska king Salmon. the fight was fierce and long. With Jeremy helping all the way. Thanks alot for the great experience and tasty fish. I could not have done it on my own"

- K Dayle, New Zealand

Alaska King Salmon Life Cycle

The female King salmon returns to her original spawning ground and lays her eggs in a gravel nest at the bottom of the river, lake or stream. The male King salmon then covers them with sperm.

After about 3 months the fertilized eggs will hatch. At this stage they are called alevin. They will remain hidden in the gravel nest & feed off the yolk sac from their egg for about one month.

At 5 - 10 weeks old the tiny salmon leave their gravel nest and begin to swim and feed for themselves. At this stage they are called Fry. It's also at this time that they start their journey downstream.

The salmon are in the smolt stage when they start to swim to salt water. Some are two years old and over 5 inches long. The smolts will spend some time in the estuary area of the river or stream while they adjust to the salt water. Only a small percentage of the original salmon actually reach the ocean.

Adult salmon spend 1 to 8 years in the ocean swimming and feeding throughout the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. They grow to their adult size and develop unique adult markings that identify them as Kings. Once they reach full maturity, they return to their 'home stream' to spawn.

Upon reaching their birth rivers and streams, the adult salmon re-adapt to the fresh water and begin their upstream journey to their natal stream where they were born. At this time, they cease to feed and live on the stores of fat within their bodies. Both male and female salmon will die a few weeks after spawning.

Alaska Fishing License

In order to fish for King Salmon you will need a valid Alaska Fishing License with a King Stamp.

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