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Alaska Drift Away Fishing guides Nick Ohlrick, Jeremy Anderson, and Nigel Fox on the Kenai River in 2007

Nick (center), Nigel (right), Jeremy (left)

We are the owners and guides of Alaska Drift Away FIshing. We want you to experience the best guided salmon or trout fishing trip or Kenai Peninsula fishing package while you travel to Alaska.  With Alaska Drift Away Fishing you get the best customer service on the market! 


Meet your Fishing Guides below

When you book with Drift Away Fishing you know you are hopping in the boat with some of the most experienced, motivated, & passionate fishing guides on the water.  Between Nick, Nigel, Jeremy and a few select partner guides your fishing experience will be nothing short of excellent.  There are always many laughs and stories to take home with you after fishing with us....  And we know how to catch salmon and trout very well!

Alaska Fishing Guide

Jeremy Anderson



Jeremy Anderson, from Winneconne Wisconsin, has been living up in Alaska for 13 years.  This will be Jeremy's 14th year guiding on the Kenai, 12th season fish guiding & the first 2 raft guiding on the upper Kenai..  Jeremy traveled to Alaska with Nick for the first time in May 2002.   He lives in Sterling, Alaska, centrally located to some of the best trout and salmon fishing waters in the world.  Jeremy's wife Andrea manages reservations for Drift Away Fishing and in May 2015 had their first boy Gavin Bradley Anderson.

Jeremy's 3 favorite fishing trips are fall time trophy rainbow trout fishing, red salmon fishing, and casting for silver salmon.. Enjoying the outdoors and pristine waters of the Kenai Peninsula is what keeps Jeremy moving during those long summer days.  Since the age of 3 Jeremy has been on various waters throughout the midwest and Alaska and uses his experience on the Kenai and Kasilof to help hook clients into their dream day of fishing. 

During the long Alaska winter Jeremy works as Director for Challenge Alaska Adaptive Ski School.  Challenge Alaska teachs people with disabilites how to ski and snowboard to help them overcome barrieres in their lives.  Jeremy loves to ski in the mountains whether at the resort or in the backcountry. Bottom line....  Lets have a good time.

Alaska Fishing Guide

Nicholas Ohlrich


I grew up fishing the rivers and lakes of Wisconsin around age 3 or 4, I really cant remember.  But since that early age I have been a fishing freak.  Growing up in central Wisconsin gave me opportunities to catch many different species of fish using many different techniques. I spent most of my childhood and early adult life chasing bass, northern, muskies, and walleys with my Dad and friends.   

Moving Up to Alaska 13 years ago has been a dream come true. My first summer was spent in Cooper Landing fishing the Russian and Kenai rivers with my friend and now business partner Jeremy, We were immediately hooked on the fishing in the Kenai Penninsula. 

14 years have gone by since my first summer raft guiding in Cooper Landing.  As my 12th year of fish guiding the Kenai and Kasilof rivers quickly approaches, I am thankful to have met and been taught by some of the best guides and fisherman on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. I look foward to sharing my knowledge, and passion for this amazing and beautiful fishery with you."

Alaska Fishing Guide
Nigel Fox


Nigel Fox has been partners with Jeremy and Nick for 12 years. He is a lifelong Alaskan and has been fishing on the Kenai River since he was a young boy.  15 years have passed since his first guided trip, and each year learns more about the intricate world of catching trophy fish on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. Nigel is excited to share his many years of experience with you.  In the winter time you can find Nigel in Oregon fishing, hunting, and spending time with family. 

Client Testimonials of our Alaska Fishing Guides


"Thank you so much for making us feel at home... We had a wonderful time with you all and will sadly miss fishing and relaxing with all of you in Alaska.  This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen!  God Bless."
- Preston Paddock, Watertown, NY


"Howdy. I live in Anchorage and have been on guided fishing trips with Nigel, Nick, and Jeremy at Drift Away Fishing for the past 7 years.  We have had trips together on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers May through September. I will assure you an enjoyable adventure. You will have the best equipment and be in the location to catch the targeted fish. A real plus is that these guys are real gentlemen at all times. I would strongly recommend Drift Away for your trip. If you are going to come all the way here, you should be assured of the best experience possible from your outfitters and guides."           

- W. Fisherman MD.   Anchorage AK


"Like most travelling fishermen I am always searching for the right guide.  The guide will make or break the trip, regardless of how good or bad the fishing is. I had fished with 5 or 6 different guides in Alaska before fishing with Alaska Drift Away Fishing, and now this company is the only one I fish with when I go north.  The boys have a rare skill set.  Their knowledge of the rivers they fishes put them at a distinct advantage in placing his clients in the best position to hook up with some great fish.  All the guides are amiable, willing to give instruction or guidance if asked, and makes the entire trip pleasurable. Alaska Drift Away Fishing guides pride them selves on being professionals and it shows in the quality of their work." 

- Gordon Birse, Covington, WA


"A consistent, professional, brilliant teacher and the best guide I have been around ever."
- Elliot Tieman, Madison, WI.

"Great times! Jeremy does an outstanding job of teaching how to fish the Kenai. Patience on top of things. Highly recommended."
- Mike Cress

"Thanks Nick, had a great time, you da man!"
- Luke Mendell, OR.

Nigel Fox (of Driftaway fishing ) came highly recommended from a close friend who has spent some 20 years or so fishing in Alaska using various guide services. After fishing with Nigel for two hours the first day of our five-day reservation, the rationale for my friend's recommendation was easy to understand. Nigel provided a punctual, first class fishing experience with a friendly sense of humor, quality gear and a savvy understanding of where the best holes were. We caught and released more fish than I care to remember. I highly recommend Nigel's services for your Alaskan adventure."
- Timothy Dunne

"David, Richard, and I truly had an awesome fishing experience with Jeremy and Nick. To catch and release over 25 Rainbows and Dollies each in one day of fishing is hard to describe. We would not have had the same success without the professional guidance from you, Jeremy. Good lord…..over 5 of my fish were bigger then 25 inches and one was right at 30 inches probably weighing 13 pounds. We look forward to fishing with you again soon!"
- Bill Cessnun, Anchorage, AK.

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