Fishing in Alaska in September

Trout fishing explodes in September!

Alaska Fishing in September

The Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden are beginning to get really fat after gorging on the loose salmon eggs and flesh, so the chances of catching a big one increase. Chances are you will hook something big, but the question is can you hold on. September also sees some Steelhead, as they return from the ocean to spend their winter in the river.

We will still be catching Silver Salmon in the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers through the early part of September.

When fishing in Alaska in September it is important to remember your rain gear and use lots layers for warmth. Days can be cool at this time, in Alaska , and nights are beginning to get downright cold. Weather can be variable, so be prepared.

Alaska Fishing Guides

Alaska Fishing Guides

September on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

September in south-central Alaska is a treat for the eyes. While the spruce trees of the Kenai Peninsula remain ever-green, the cottonwoods and birch that line the river drainages turn to intense gold.

Berries which have not been picked drop to the fertile forest floor. Wildflowers begin to shrink in the waning sun. Rivers run more clearly as summer melting subsides.

September’s crisp days and chilly nights begin to become more common. Darkness returns to the Alaskan nights. The inhabitants of the Kenai Peninsula make ready for the inevitable onset of winter.


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