Fishing in Alaska in May

May, in Alaska, brings warmer days and the vibrant green of spring. Snow and ice dissolve into streams and rivers.

Alaska Fishing in May

May also brings the return of the King Salmon. In May, we fish for Kings primarily on the Kasilof River. Drift boats are used to cover large sections of the river, allowing us to stop and take advantage of some of Alaska’s best fishing holes.

The first run of King Salmon average 12 to 25 pounds, with an occasional 30 pound fish. One King Salmon is allowed per person per day in this part of Alaska, but this does not have to mean the end of the fishing day.

We may also catch some Steelhead in May. Steelhead are trout that have left the river to spend time in the nutrient rich oceans that surround Alaska. They return from the sea at this time to spawn, just as the salmon do.

Under the waxing May sun, the rivers of Alaska fill once again with the silver bounty of fish.

Alaska Fishing Guides

Alaska Fishing Guides

May on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Springtime in Alaska is truly spectacular. Areas that were brown and dusty weeks earlier explode into lush green speckled with spring flowers. Snow banks melt and drain away into the tributaries that feed the mighty Kenai River as well as the Kasilof, Ninilchik and Anchor Rivers. The cold of winter gives way to cool mornings and warm days.

May on the Kenai Peninsula, can mean only one thing: fishing hooks are sharpened, reels are oiled and spooled with fresh fishing line. Boats and trailers are prepared to take eager fishermen after their prize.

From the docks and fish processing plants to every sport fisherman pulling tackle from the closet, the entire Kenai Peninsula is buzzing in eager anticipation of the arrival of fishing season.


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