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Alaska Fishing in June

June is all about fishing for King Salmon on both the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. Rainbow trout fishing is quite rewarding throughout the second half of June for the trout enthuiast.  These trips are the ultimate Alaskan river fishing experience.

The King (Chinook) salmon is the most prized of Alaskan fish. They typically weigh in at ten to fifty pounds, although the world record 97 pound fish was caught on the Kenai River. By the end of June, the first run of Kings starts to slow down.

From mid June to the month’s end, Rainbow Trout fishing is very unique on the Kenai River. Anglers have the opportunity to encounter one of the most beautiful fish to grace Alaskan waters as they reappear into different feeding shelves.

In mid June, the first run of Red (Sockeye) Salmon begin making its way up the Kenai to the Russian River. Although Reds commonly weigh in at eight to twelve pounds, they fight with the voracity of a much larger fish.

Fishing in May

Alaska fishing in May

June on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

The Kenai River winds its way through the Kenai Peninsula and June is the time when, after years in the open ocean, spawning salmon return to its swift cold waters. Its shores and riverbed offer pristine habitat for the returning fish, as well as their offspring.

June also ushers in an explosion of green in the Alaskan wilderness. Long summer days invigorate every aspect of the forest. Alder and cottonwood trees have filled out; berry bushes and wildflowers rise to meet the summer sun. The summer solstice, on June 21st, brings about twenty hours of daylight to the Kenai Peninsula .



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